Pray for rather than curse Nigeria, cleric urges citizens

President of the United Apostolic Church of Christ (Worldwide), Rev. James Owoyemi on Saturday urged Nigerians to always pray for the country rather than cursing her and the leaders.

He said in Ibadan that it was unpatriotic for citizens to continually curse their countries rather than speaking positively to their countries of origin.

“We need to be committing our leaders into the hands of God; pray for our nation and be patient. The problems Nigeria is facing today did not happen overnight.

“Nigeria’s problems had been there for years and there is no magic wand to effect a sudden change.

“Nigerians need to be patient with government and pray for the country for a positive turnaround.

“Government itself should rule with the fear of God; shun nepotism, trust and believe in God to make all things possible,’’ he said.

Owoyemi sid this on the side-line of the church’s 2024 Women’s Conference which had: “Mothers of the Mighty’’ as its theme.

He stressed the need for Christian women to be sensitised on the dangers of abandoning their responsibility of raising God-fearing and responsible children.

“We gathered women members of the church here to let them appreciate their responsibility concerning their children. Mothers’ role in raising children is very important as they are the first teachers.

“They should impact their children positively through prayers; through the word of God and by showing them the way of the Lord,’’ Owoyemi told NAN.

Guest speaker at the conference, Mrs Oluwayemi Adewusi said successes attained by a woman must be visible before she could be referred to as mighty one.

She must also be able to keep a healthy relationship with people around her, she noted.

“The woman should also make sure that she establishes a spiritual foundation at home and be prepared to overcome every challenge that comes her way.

“Many challenges will come, but it is challenges that will turn to successes and make people affirm those successful as mighty women,’’ she admonished.

One of the participants, Mrs Funmi Olorunyomi noted that the conference, the second edition since it started in 2023 had impacted women positively.

“If the church can train women to be the real mothers and wives that they should be in terms of supporting the home front financially and in the training of children, the society will benefit a lot,’’ she said.

NAN reports that the four-day conference which began on Thursday ends on Sunday. It has been featuring Bible quiz, talk shows and prayers for Nigeria

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