Women group seeks inclusion of female technocrats in politics

A pressure group, Coalition of Professional Women in Politics (COPWIP) on Wednesday in Lagos called for increased  participation of female technocrats in politics.

The group, in a statement by its convener, Mrs Atinuke Owolabi, called on government to recognise the role of professional women in nation building by giving them more opportunities in politics to transform the nation’s leadership.

Owolabi appealed to party stakeholders to support women who were courageous enough to vie for elective offices and give the technocrats opportunity to birth good governance in the nation.

“If more women are given the opportunities and tickets, they will bring hope back to the masses and the society will benefit more.

“The vulnerables are the ones that go out to vote but they are the most hit in this economy. They are being neglected after their mandates have been gotten to attain political offices.

“Women don’t have enough money to either purchase forms or campaign for elections but they are more compassionate about the society, and its people,” she said.

She said COPWIP was born out of the desire of professional women to actively participate in politics to ensure good governance.

She added that COPWIP also had a mandate to position the professional women as ambassadors of impactful and sustainable development through leadership trainings and empowerment programmes.

“Investing in girls’ and women’s right to political participation is a necessary step to achieving global gender equality and democratic governance.

“This investment creates a ripple effect that will yield positive result in the future. The time to act is now,” she said.

Owolabi, a multi-award winner on social and professional impact, member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers and a fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers, stressed the need to bridge the gender gap in the nation’s polity.

She promised that the group would ensure restoration of Chief Obafemi Awolowo’s policy of quality education for all children, while insisting that support for female political technocrats would impact the nation positively.

She added that female technocrats had the ability to harmonise all segments of society and sectors to ensure all round development and national growth.

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