We’re The authentic Faction Of APC Says Bolarinwa

The factional chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kwara, Hon Bashir Bolarinwa has called on the national leadership of the party to recognize his faction as the authentic one in the state.


In a statement issued in Ilorin, on Sunday and made available to newsmen Bolarinwa called on the national leadership of the party to stop dealing with Ishola Balogun Fulani led executive.


The factional chairman said his faction has been vindicated as the real APC in Kwara following exit of the Fulani group from the party.


According to Bolarinwa, the Balogun Fulani faction’s allegiance was to Dr Saraki and sponsor of what he called ‘the contraption called RAPC. This is injurious to the party’.


He said that the crisis in the party was precipitated by Dr Bukola Saraki and his cohorts when he defiled the party position on zoning of the senate presidency.


Bolarinwa said  Saraki went against the position of the party, adding that he did everything untoward to clinch the office.


“While the president and the party remain democratic, Saraki was busy sowing seeds of discord and seeking means of destroying the party. His latest antic was the formation a splinter group,” Bolarinwa added.


He lamented that since Dr Saraki emerged as the Senate President, he has been attracting odium to the institution of the Senate and Kwara State.


Bolarinwa added that Sen Saraki has consistently made lives difficult for Nigerians through budget padding and delay in passage of budget.


“These are practices created by him to slow down government and confer undue benefits on him,” he said.


Bolarinwa accused the Senate President of pauperizing the people through deliberate under development of Kwara State.


He challenged Saraki to point to a project or program he initiated that geared towards truly empowering the people for economic sustainability.


Bolarinwa declared that Sen Saraki and his lackeys were bent on destroying the party and make it unsellable to electorate.


According to him, the only grouse of the Saraki group was that the Senate President was not given a political waiver in his alleged criminal trials in courts and even those under investigation.


He added that there was nothing wrong for the Police to carry out their constitutional duty as it related to Offa bank robbery.


“Any move to turn this dutiful service of Nigeria Police to persecution is not only hypocritical but diversionary aimed at perverting the course of justice,” he said.


Bolarinwa, therefore appealed to the people of the State to keep faith with the party, promising to return the state to the path of prosperity through a functional political party.