Survey reveals Germans favour increased defence spending

According to a survey, a clear majority of German citizens are in favour of Germany and its European NATO allies significantly increasing their defence spending in the changed security situation.

In a survey conducted by the opinion research institute Forsa on behalf of the magazine Internationale Politik, 68 per cent were in favour of this.

The survey had 29 per cent were against it and it was made available to the German Press Agency on Monday.

The majority of all population and voter groups surveyed believe that Germany and NATO members in Europe should significantly increase defence spending in the future.

The approval was higher in western Germany and among men overall, according to the survey.

The clearest support for an increase was found among supporters of the conservative Christian Democratic Union and Christian Social Union (CDU/CSU) at 90 per cent.

The survey revealed that the lowest among those of the far-right AfD was only 61 per cent.

Among Social Democratic Party (SPD) supporters, 72 per cent were in favour, among the Greens 75 per cent and among the pro-business Free Democrats (FDP), 88 per cent.

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