Status in society, not ticket to heaven — Catholic Priest

Rev. Fr Alfred Azige, Cathedral Administrator of St. William’s Cathedral Lafia, Nasarawa State, has warned Nigerians to be good at all times as nobody would make heaven automatically.

This, he said, was irrespective of one’s status in the society.

The cleric stated this during his homily on Sunday at the St. William’s Catholic Cathedral Lafia

The priest explained that based on the teachings of the Christian faith, Christians were expected to be God’s representatives on earth by being good to all wherever they found themselves.

He said one could not be good and participate actively in the Church activities and go outside to behave in an ungodly manner and expect to make heaven.

The prist added that inheriting God’s kingdom was through hard work, goodness, humility and sincerity and not by one’s position or participation in Church activities.

He explained that even priests and other clergies would not make heaven automatically, but must work hard to inherit God’s paradise.

“Being good is difficult, but it is very easy for one to be a bad or corrupt person.

“There is no corruption, favouritism, elitism or sentiment in the hereafter, but everyone will be judged based on his deeds here on earth.”

Fr. Azige therefore, advised Nigerians to repent and desist from their bad ways now that they still hai the chance before it got too late. (NAN)

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