Stakeholders seek solutions to boost education sector at TOSSE 2024

Stakeholders in the education sector gathered at the annual Total School Support Seminar and Exhibition (TOSSE), held at Ten Degrees Event Centre, Lagos to explore innovative solutions and best practices to enhance the education sector in the country and beyond.

Participants include educators, administrators, and industry experts converged at the event convened by Edumark Consult for the annual event now in its 16th edition. The event has over 7000 participants with over 100 exhibitors attending.
Speaking at the opening ceremony on Thursday, the Chief Executive Officer, CEO of Edumark Consult, Mrs. Yinka Ogunde said the goal of the programme was to provide education stakeholders with valuable resources and knowledge that will empower participants to drive positive change and elevate the quality of education in their institution.
Represented by Wunmi Ogunde at the event, the convener said TOSSE has become a destination for everything in education. “We have grown from an attendance of 100+ to 7,000+ and this year, we expect the numbers to go up to 10,000+ making us a formidable educational community.
“Our theme for this year “Leadership in Education: Embracing Challenges, Inspiring Change” could not be more timely and significant. We are living in an era where educational landscape is rapidly evolving, driven by technological advancement, socio-economic shifts and our ever growing demand for innovative learning solutions,” she said.
Ogunde added that as educators and leaders, there are constant challenges to adapt, to innovate and to challenge the next generation.
She explained further that leadership in education today means more than just guiding just their institution and students, it means embracing the challenges that come their way with resilience and creativity, it means being at the forefront of change and promoting innovation that streamline processes and creating an environment where educators can focus more on their primary mission which is imparting knowledge and building leaders.
“One of the most exciting aspect of TOSSE is our collective commitment to changing the status quo. This year, our focus is on promoting innovation and fostering critical discussion on wellness, mental health, emotional intelligence and financial management in education and also other things.
She continued: “By leveraging technology and smart solutions, we can reduce administrative burden, allowing educators to dedicate more time and energy to teaching and mentorship.
“By addressing mental health and emotional intelligence, we aid, create supportive, impactive and learning environment,” she explained.
These aims according to her are not designed to only enhance learning environment for students but also to empower educators to become true leaders and change makers in the classroom and communities.
“As we embark on this journey over the next two days, I encourage each and every one of us to take full advantage of the opportunity that TOSSE presents; attend seminars, join the panel discussion, engage with the exhibitors, share your experience, exchange ideas, collaborate with those around you; together we can drive transformation needed to address the change we desire.
“Let us celebrate the spirit of innovation, leadership and collaboration that defines TOSSE, let us renew our commitment to excellence in education and work together to build a brighter future for our students, teachers, schools and community,” she stated.
Thanking the sponsors for their support, Ogunde said they could not have done it alone, “so we are proud to welcome all our sponsors this year, we specifically thank Wema bank, our diamond sponsors for TOSSE 2024; and other sponsors who made this possible.
“Our numerous exhibitors are here to showcase cutting edge products, services designed to support the education sector,” she said.
The keynote speaker, Dr. Bisi Akande who spoke on the theme of the event, ‘Leadership in Education: Embracing Challenges, Inspiring Change told participants to learn to embrace challenges because it will always come in one form or the other.
He opined that for individuals to embrace challenges and work through it, they must have a resilient mindset. “That is you need to have self-awareness; self-regulation, self-improvement to be able to solve the problems and move on.”
He also added that leaders needs to develop problem solving skills as well as ability and adaptability to solving challenges, especially how to respond quickly to matters.
For leaders to inspire others, the keynote speaker said they must have vision for their organisation and must always ready to read it out all the time to inspire others in the team.
Akande also advised that leaders needs to lead by example and work on people’s development, and this includes good character; good value; behaviour; consistency and courage.
He listed five things that will help people grow to include, experience; environment; exposure; education and equipping people.
The Executive Director, Wema Bank, Mr. Tunde Mabawonku in his remark commended Edumark Consult for organizing TOSSE, adding that the remarkable footprints of TOSSE as a champion for educational excellence, a beacon of empowerment for thousands of educators across Nigeria, and a platform for addressing critical issues and challenges in the education sector through upskilling and strategic initiatives, aligns with their ethics at Wema Bank and mission of empowering lives through innovation.
“It is with great pleasure that Wema Bank, Nigeria’s foremost innovative bank and pioneer of Africa’s first fully digital bank, ALAT, to partner with Total School Support Seminar and Exhibition (TOSSE).”
He added that TOSSE has become a pilgrimage for education community annually and the platform has become a cornerstone for educators seeking to enhance their skills, gain new insights, and collaborate towards a common objective to build a vibrant education sector equipped with the right resources and skillsets.
“Our sponsorship of TOSSE 2024 is more than just a partnership, it is an affirmation of our commitment to bolstering the education sector, empowering educators to thrive in their lines of duty, promoting sustainable growth for educational institutions, businesses and ultimately, boosting the Nigerian economy.
The ED added that the theme of the event, ‘Leadership in Education: Embracing Challenges, Inspiring Change’ is particularly relevant as the country navigate an era of unprecedented challenges and opportunities. “it calls upon us to not only recognise the hurdles faced in the education sector but to also inspire transformative changes that can lead to a brighter future for our educational institutions and the students they serve.”
He stated further that the journey towards embracing challenges and inspiring change in education is one that requires collective effort, innovative thinking and unwavering commitment.
“TOSSE provides the perfect platform for us to come together, share ideas, and forge partnerships that will drive the education sector forward and we are here to provide the needed support,” he said.
Other exhibitors include, We Print, Package & Promote Ltd; WPWBII Interactive; LAPO Microfinance; Ulesson, Chronicles Software; Syllabux; Giiggles n Gurggles; SchoolTry; Lead Technology Innovation, among others.


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