Senate President urges prayers for peace, security during Ramadan

…….. in Nigeria

I felicitate all Nigerians, particularly the Muslim Ummah, as we enter the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Ramadan is the month when Muslims across the world observe one of the five pillars of their faith, share with their neighbours and show love to all people around them. 

It is a period of spiritual reflection, abstinence, sacrifice and supplications to the Almighty Allah.

The holy month of Ramadan thus provides the faithful the opportunity to commune with Allah, and live as His Prophets enjoin us to do as we seek His blessings and mercies.

The essence of the period is even more significant for us as we seek solutions and divine guidance out of the challenges that we currently face in our dear nation.

The Nigerian government is doing everything possible to ameliorate the situation and also realises that much more has to be done.

The National Assembly will not relent in its efforts at promoting good governance for the security, peace and progress of Nigeria.

For our Muslim compatriots, let us use the opportunity of the Ramadan to pray for Nigeria, knowing that Allah answers the prayers of the faithful.

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