Rotary Club Of Ikeja Donates Classrooms, Furniture, To Ikeja Junior High School

In line with its six areas of focus which include basic education and literacy, Rotary Club of Ikeja has donated two blocks of classrooms and furniture to its adopted school, Ikeja Junior High School.

Speaking at the commissioning on Monday, the President Rotary Club of Ikeja, Rotarian Olumuyiwa Fagbola said intervention in the area of Basic Education and Literacy is one of the six areas of focus of Rotary and the strategy in the club is to continue to embark on projects that are sustainable and has direct impact on the beneficiaries.

This according to him led to the reconstruction of two blocks of classrooms for the club’s “adopted school”, Ikeja Junior High School with the provision of tables, chairs, white boards, board markers, cleaners including sickbay. “This is to ensure that we continue to contribute to the provision of a good learning and teaching environment for the students and teachers.”

He explained that one of the blocks was reconstructed by the year 2018/2019 of the club and the second building, by the current 2019/2020 year of the club.

Fagbola urged the beneficiary to make good use of the facilities especially giving the structure a good maintenance that it deserves.

The president also appreciates club members and friends for their generous financial contributions towards the successful completion of the buildings and their additional donations towards the provision of furniture to the classrooms.

The District Governor, District 9110, Rotarian Jide Akeredolu revealed that every month of September is Basic Education and Literacy month, “every month in Rotary we dedicated it to an area of service that we engage in and that is why we are commissioning these classrooms to commemorate the month.

“This month specifically is call the basic education month and it is quiet important and Rotary has identified that if you take care of education of people it spill into every aspect of the life of the nation.

“I was going through some statistics and I have it here that if all women completed Primary education in this country, that will be 66% fewer maternal death, just by getting people educated,  they understand what they do, they can be able to know what are the need to attend ante-natal care, visit hospitals and use the right medicine.”

He added that just by educating women alone another statistics shows that a child born to a mother who is literate is 50% more likely to survive past the age of five years because that mother will know how to take care of the child, how to groom the child up and will not give the child concussion when they are sick.

Akeredolu who is a doctor by profession also added that  just by educating women, “you are saving lives, another statistics stated that if all children are educated,  171 million people worldwide will be remove from extreme poverty.

“So education not only save women, it saves children and also lift people from poverty. And Rotary has identified that and say that yes this is what we can do and we have dedicate ourselves to basic education and literacy during this month and by putting these structures together we know that the spill-off effect.

“The spill-off benefits with the whole community will be quiet extensive and that is why we are grateful to the President and members of Rotary club of Ikeja for identifying this particular project and putting a lot of efforts in it.

To members of Rotary Club of Ikeja, Rotarian Akeredolu said though it is not easy to raise funds in this time to be able to put something together “and the people you are giving all these you may never meet them, they may never know you but I know when they are using these facilities and feeling good with it, they will quietly be giving prayers to those who make this possible and I tell you it’s going to be those powerful prayers you have never had.”

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education, Lagos State, Mrs. Abosede Adelaja said the gesture is a good way to start the session and it will go a long way to help the students to work very hard and achieve greater height.

“In Lagos state we know we have a strong role to play in education because we give free education and this by all means is attracting more students even from other states.

“As a result of this we cannot carry the burden alone that is why we are calling on well-meaning Nigerians, organisations and clubs to support  the state government in order to provide good and quality education to the students because we believe that when we get education right in Lagos state, we will get it right in Nigeria.”

The Lagos State Government representative also added that the state government is happy with what the Rotary Club of Ikeja is doing and “I must say the quality of the facilities is line with our specification.”

Thanking the club for the good work they are doing Adelaja said so many donations has come from them but the state will continue to ask for more because even with the increase of the education budget to 18% the state cannot do it all alone.

She therefore appealed to Nigerians especially private organisation that can one way or the other collaborate with the state government in providing quality education to all to collaborate with the government in providing quality education to the increasing population of Lagos State.

Adelaja however appealed to the students to use the facilities with care because making use of the structures according to her requires commitment, dedication and hard work.

The event was attended by past Governors of the district, past presidents of the club and members of Rotary Club of Ikeja.