Ramadan: Tinubu greets Muslim faithful

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu congratulates Muslim brothers and sisters in Nigeria and around the world on the commencement and observation of the holy month of Ramadan.

A message from his offie said: “Recognized as the dean of the Islamic lunar months, Ramadan is a most sacred and special time.

“This blessed month asks of us certain sacrifices and these sacrifices are rich in significance and meaning. They are intended to increase our bond with Allah and our awareness of our fellow man. As we abstain from food, drink and other material pleasures from dawn to dusk as Ramadan enjoins us to do, let us keep in the forefront of our minds that Ramadan also asks of us to show greater compassion, empathy and understanding and enlightenment in how we treat and relate to one another.

“Ramadan asks of all of us to embrace acts of kindness, love our neighbours and reach out to the poor, needy and unfortunate among us. Our nation is one gifted by Allah with bountiful resources and a good and decent people. Yet, we also face serious and dangerous challenges because of a small few who know not the way of truth, love and goodness. These people have given themselves over to that which is bad and destructive.

“We shall not be made despondent by the wrongs these people do not be defeated by them. Instead, let us renew and strengthen our faith and trust in Almighty Allah and His great mercy towards us.

“During this holy month, may we fervently pray that we shall begin to overcome and defeat the chalk, which now confronts our beloved nation. We beseech Almighty Allah to grant Nigeria special favour such that we become the just, prosperous, and harmonious society He intends for us to be.

“That each of us in our own humble way contributes to the wellbeing of those around us, give succour to people we find in need and study more how to solve problems instead of creating them.

“Let us pray that Munificent Allah answer the prayers of His faithful as the ultimate reward for their sacrifices this holy month and that Nigeria shall see the peace and prosperity that only can be fashioned by the kind hand of the Almighty Himself.

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