PRP Seeks Partnership With Intellectuals To Save Nigeria

The People’s Redemption Party (PRP) has invited intellectuals in Nigeria to join the party and help rescue the nation from continuing bad governance in the country.

The Kwara State Chairma of the party, Professor Mahmud Aliyu who made this call at a press conference in Ilorin lamented that since 1999, Nigeria  had suffered bad governance because in the hands of both the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and All Progressives Congress (APC).

The PRP Chairman said if anything, the two parties whose membership had been the same set of people changing political identities at will had only provided inept leaderships.

According to him, while PDP was accused of running a government of corruption, ineptitudes, economic bastardization and insecurity,  APC that took over from it had not been anything different because the situation remained the same under its government.

Aliyu said that contrary to the much taunted change by the APC which is simply cosmetic making life miserable for the citizens of this country pointing out that there was a need now for patriotic Nigerians to come together and rescue the country and the people from institutionalized bad leadership.

“Let  us break the vicious circle of being governed /led by semi iiliterates, half educated, break the vicious circle of inept leadership and people that hardly acquired secondary school education successfully to become local champions and twisting us the way they want. We have been turned to the nation of the blinds who can only be led by one eyed man.

“I, therefore, wish to call on my learned friends and educated colleagues as well as other well-meaning Nigerians to brace up to the occasion and pull our God-given resources (knowledge and wisdom) together and rescue this country and its masses from the grip of its internal colonizers and our local imperialists.

“The era of seating on the fence and the era of ‘sit-down look’ is over. Let us pick up the courage and reclaim our freedom, God-given resources and be able to determine our destiny by ourselves,” he stated.

Aliyu said both the PDP and APC did not have a clear-cut ideology declaring that the PRP with its social welfare inclination and which is the oldest in Nigeria remained the only party that could rescue the country from an abyss.

PRP he said had been a masses movement for sixty years starting as a ‘Talakawa’ (poor masses) , NEPU and by the second republic, metamorphosed into PRP.

The party therefore, Professor said, had stuck to its five basic principles of value and equality of human beings, power of the people, socialism, genuine federation, and total liberation from imperialism.