Proprietor advocates medical checkup in schools to prevent infections

The proprietor of a private school in Ilorin, Mr Kola Olushola, has called for compulsory medical checkup for students in schools to prevent infections and diseases.

Olushola said in Ilorin, Kwara State capital on Friday that routine medical checkup would help students and pupils to be healthier.

“We need to know the status of every student even before offering admission into schools. Apart from past medical reports, there is need for schools to have a team of experts to conduct a check termly or on semester basis.

“There are students with different kind of sicknesses which need to be properly monitored to prevent spread and for safety of other students and staff.

“Government should not mind the cost. Health is wealth. Students’ safety should be the priority,” he said.

The proprietor urged the government to ensure that private and public schools in the state endeavour to conduct routine checkup annually in every academic levels.

He advised government at all levels and education stakeholders to ensure that the initiative was implemented as part of efforts to improve the system.

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