Plane Falls Into Ditch, Fails To Gain Speed After Take Off

An airplane fell into a ditch at Orlando Executive Airport in Florida, United States Monday  morning, said Carolyn Fennell, a spokeswoman for the airport.

Fennell said the plane failed to gain sufficient airspeed after take off.

According to, the airplane was en route to Winston-Salem, North Carolina for an 8 a.m. flight when it fell.

Four people were on board the aircraft, but no one was injured, Fennell said.

The City of Orlando Fire Department’s hazmat team was called into the scene to contain a minor fuel leak shortly after 8 a.m., said Ashley Papagni, a spokesperson for the department.

The plane, built in 1979, is a Cessna 340A fixed wing multi-engine, owned Little Dreams Aviation LLC, a company based in Michigan.