Past District Governor Wants Nigerians To Imbibe Rotary Club’s Core Values

Nigerians have a lot to gain if the country can imbibed the Rotary Club’s core value of service, fellowship, leadership, diversity and Integrity.

Former District 9110 Governor of Rotary International, Otunba Bolaji Onabadejo disclosed while delivering  a paper entitled: Rotary; Brief, History, Structure, Mission and Ideals’ at the CEO’s Afternoon organized by the Rotary Club of Ikeja, at the Airport Hotel to commemorate the membership month of the club.

According to him,  there is also the need to imbibe the four way test of the Rotary club; the Truth, Is it fair to all concerned, Will it build Goodwill and better friendship and will it be beneficial to all concerned?

“The core value of Rotary Service, Fellowship, Leadership, Diversity and Integrity, if Nigeria can actually  beat his chest and say yes, I am good in integrity, diversity, leadership, in fact just take one of those things, it will be the best thing if Nigerians can imbibe the core values of Rotary.

“That is why we are trying to put the four way test somewhere in the National Assembly but we have been meeting resistance, just the four way test to put in the national assembly so that they will be seeing it, so that it will be challenging their conscience but  they are refusing it. So whatever it is that Rotary is preaching is what everybody should actually emulate to make us a better country.”

Speaking on why the four way test was not allowed in the National Assembly, Otunba Onabadejo said it may be due to their conscience because they will see something every day that will make them know they are not doing the right thing and most especially I think they still don’t want to change their ways.”

The Estate Surveyor and Valuer who explained that the programme was devoted to the Chief Executive Officers of companies located in and around Ikeja added that the idea was to actually sell Rotary Club to them.

According to him: “to let them know the inherent advantages of the organisation call Rotary and how it has evolved, the history, the core values and what it really stands for.”

Describing the club to be tolerant of everything including religion, Onabadejo said the target group in which the programme was organized already had what it takes to be a Rotarian.

These according to him include, the four Ts; Talent, Treasure, Time and Thinking.

“So the purpose is to celebrate the membership month which is August, this is the month that Rotary club all over the world look into how to improve their membership strength. So no club is too big to increase, over  there we have clubs of over 1000, over 500, but so far in Nigeria, the highest club we have is 115 members and that is the Rotary club of Palm groove Estate. We want to improve and Ikeja is struggling to come up and become a mega club. The purpose is to introduce the club to non-members in order for them to show interest in this club.”

In his remarks, the President of Rotary Club of Ikeja, Rotarian Olumuyiwa Fagbola said the month of August is designated as membership month; “whereby we encourage non Rotarians to join Rotary and to join us in the work we do in Rotary. So what we have done is to get CEOs in our neighbourhood to join us in this lunch to see what we do in rotary and why it is important for them to join us.

The guests include past District Governors, past presidents of the club, members, captains of industries among others.