Oyedepo Releases Curses On Killers Of Living Faith Church Pastor

….’Any Authority Backing You, Their Generation Is Cursed’

The Presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church Bishop David Oyedepo has released cure on the killers of Pastor Jeremiah Omolewa who was killed by suspected Fulani herdsmen when his family was abducted along Kaduna –Abuja road on Sunday.

Speaking during the Week of Spiritual Emphasis serive of the church on Wednesday, Bishop Oyedepo after placing the curses of instant judgement og God on the assailants called on the congregation to join in declaring the vengeance of God upon all those troubling the peace of the nation.

According to him; “Any name you are hearing now, you will soon stop hearing it.
Soon they will see sand and call it money. NUC says Covenant University is the best and takes the least money so we are adding value. Some people and their generation keep collecting and they have never added value.Nigeria will sing a new song.

The Pastor’s son had escaped the killers while his wife was taken with a N50 Million ransom declared.

“I want you to know, that it’s the last they will do because I am going to lead you now to release curse of God upon his assailants and all their backers.

Except I am not sent, their end has come. This evil system will crash. And I am speaking as a Prophet, not as a pastor, like somebody walking on the street. This evil system that has no value for life, this wicked system – Fulani demons: In the name of Jesus, their end has come.

“It’s not by force that we live together. Nobody in this land has more stake than me in Nigeria. The church is not begging to live. The church has the legal and divine right to live in this country.

“ You know because the church has played so cheap. God curses. He said whosoever curses you, I will curse Gen 12:3. Oh God, confirm your curse upon them.
“Jesus curses. The fig tree which thou curseth is withered away, how quickly Mark 11:21. Release your curse upon these wicked men.
“The Holy Ghost curses. Paul full of the Holy Ghost, looked at that demon called elymas, released a curse upon him and he went blind same time Acts 13:9-11. Holy Ghost, release your curse upon these wicked men.

“They just crossed the red line. They just crossed the red line. They just crossed the red line.

Some 42 children (not even adults), they were mocking Elisha. Elisha turned back and cursed them in the name of the Lord 2 Kings 2:23 and 2 she-bears came out of the woods and destroyed 42 of them.
”For mocking the church of Jesus Christ, I decree your destruction NOW. Any authority or personality backing you, their generation is cursed.

“Nobody dares a Lion’s cub, when the Lion is awake. That’s what you have done and in the name of Jesus (whose I am and whom I serve), every gang up of hell, within and outside the country, responsible for sponsoring these wicked men, I curse your root forever.

“It’s a hard thing to kick against the pricks, your end has come, you have just crossed the red line and in the name of Jesus: Cursed art thou and your generations after you; Cursed art thou and your generations after you; Cursed art thou and your generations after you. Cursed art thou tonight.

“How many believe when I pray, God hears? How many believe when I release verdicts, Heaven confirms it? Forget about them!

Forget about them, they are out of history. Their leaders are out of existence. Their sponsors run dry forever; they will see sand and call it money in the name of Jesus Christ.

“That fig tree mocked Jesus, and He cursed it – no one eats fruit from thee forever Mark 11:13-14. Any name you have been hearing now, you will soon stop hearing them. They will go into oblivion.

“Every devil, wherever they may be, whether in power or out of power, the curse of the Lord catches up with them tonight. Thank You Jesus

“Some NUC authority said recently, your University is the best but they pay the least. Students pay the least. That is what we are doing in the country, we are adding value. These people have never added anything, curse be their roots, curse be their sponsors and curse be their generations.
Thank You Jesus

“You touch my son, how dare you! Can you ever escape? Your charmers can’t help you, your enchanters can’t help you. I release the judgement of God upon all your charmers, all your enchanters, I command waves of insanity over them. Thank You Jesus

“Those devils don’t speak English, they are demons from where ever they came from, they are out of this land today in the name of Jesus.”