No one engaging in ‘Yahoo Yahoo’, fraud has a future, says Bishop Oyedepo

The presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church also known as Winners Chapel International, Bishop David Oyedepo has said that no one engaging in Yahoo Yahoo business, grabbing people’s ATM Card details and other fraudulent practices has a future.

Speaking while ministering on the topic: GATEWAYS TO SUPERNATURAL BLESSINGS IN HARD TIMES during the Covenant Day of Open Doors Service at Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland April 28, 2024, Bishop Oyedepo said fraudsters are on a very fast lane that always ends in bitterness and destruction.

He advised the youth and young men to stop that lifestyle and embrace the law that guarantees abundance and fulfillment in life

He said: ” young people, get rich in five minutes is a risk. Become a millionaire in one second is a risk”.

Speaking further from the book of Job 22:21-25, Bishop Oyedepo said: “Nobody playing games has a future in the Kingdom. Hear this and hear it forever. If that is your trade, stop it. Yahoo Yahoo business, stop it. Grabbing people’s ATM Card details, stop it. Stop it! You are on a very fast lane that always ends in bitterness and destruction.

“There is the law to mind. The law of sowing and reaping. The law of seedtime and harvest. The law of giving and receiving that is the law.

“Engage with that law cheerfully. Engage with that law willingly. Engage with that law tirelessly and watch how you begin to lay up gold with time.

“You may start with bronze and go to silver but you end up with gold. We had no lack 40 years ago when our total income was ₦18,600 in a year. God’s blessing on the five loaves and two fishes kept us going we never borrowed. That is not gold yet, that is bronze. We are moving gradually, we moved to the realm of silver and as we kept doing what He said to do, He is moving us gradually to the realm of gold and we are still moving to the realm of having gold as dust. That’s how your life will be moving. Don’t stop at the bronze level.

“When you sow a seed, it doesn’t come the following day as harvest. It goes through a process, first the blade. Then the ear, like the flowering and then through pollination you have the full corn (Mark 4:27-28).

“You don’t sow seed today and go and grab it tomorrow, like young people! Get rich in five minutes is a risk.

“Become a millionaire in one second is a risk. Even herbalists don’t say that. First the blade, that looks like grass; then the flower, looks like an ornament planting and it is supposed to be a crop and then suddenly the full corn. The corn begins to mature. You can’t eat it while it starts forming, you wait for it to mature then it becomes consumable.

“There were things I learnt very early. That seed does not deliver overnight, seeds go through a process, they call it gestation period before it delivers its fullness. People can’t wait. They are in a hurry so they end up in horror.

“Do you know why people steal cars? They can’t imagine themselves buying a car in their lives. ‘So if I must ride I must steal. If they kill me, so let it be.’

“You only steal what you don’t believe is attainable. If you lose your pair of bathroom slippers, can you be looking for it in my house? No! People only steal what they believe they cannot attain.

“A friend kept money with you and you claimed it was stolen when you are the one who stole it. Nobody came to your house.

‘Buy me a car when coming to Nigeria’, you bought a car of 3 million but you said it is 7 million. You have used four million to block your destiny. You are hearing me now.

“I have never seen anybody thrive on inheritance. Isaac had the inheritance of his father but Isaac sowed in the land. Isaac became the envy of the world by what he did not by what somebody else did. At 25, I told my father that whatever belongs to me, give it to the others. I won’t need it. I didn’t have a plot.

“Young people keep hanging on. Nobody has ever secured a place for himself in space by inheritance. Isaac inherited an empire but never secured a place by it. Isaac sowed in the land. I want to assume that the famine consumed that inheritance. I am just thinking so. I don’t know. Whichever way, Isaac never made a name by that inheritance.

“You better make your hand a sowing hand. First, a working hand. If you don’t work you don’t have what to sow. Tell them that steal not to steal again but to work with their hands so they can have what to give. You will work before you can earn and then have what to give. Isn’t God wonderful?

“The good thing is this: Your life is not stopping at that bronze stage. You are moving on into the silver phase and you will arrive at the gold phase. You will get to the point where you lay up gold as dust and your generations will draw from it.

The mystery of the covenant one more time is that it works in season and out of season. It works in plenty and in famine. It worked for Abraham, it worked for Isaac, worked for Jacob and it worked for Joseph. Famine was so grievous they were offering themselves for sale. You put ‘For Sale’ on your body just to have what to eat. Genesis 47:15-27.

“In the midst of it, God’s people were gloriously exempted. People were selling and they were buying. They multiplied exceedingly in the midst of famine. That is you God is talking about.

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