MTN partners SpeechLogix, Zoom to launch new platform

MTN Nigeria Enterprise Business has, in collaboration  with SpeechLogix and Zoom, inaugurated a video conferencing platform for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) called Meetings+.

The General Manager, Business Enterprise, MTN, Mr Charles Okonkwo, disclosed this at the Meetings+ launch press conference in Lagos.

Okonkwo said that the collaboration to launch Meetings+ was to provide  Nigerian businesses with an innovative  platform tailored to their needs.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Meetings+ is a video conferencing  platform powered by Zoom.

Okonkwo  said that the collaboration aligns with MTN’s broader strategy of transitioning from a telecommunications company (telco) to technology company  (Techco).

He said that it demonstrated the company’s commitments to driving digital transformation of Nigeria  businesses.

“By offering innovative solutions like Meeting+, MTN aims to empower SMEs and contribute to the growth of Nigeria’s digital economy.

“MTN’s strategic shift from a traditional  telecommunications provider to a technology company encompasses a multifaceted approach aimed at harnessing digital innovation to address evolving consumers needs and market dynamics.

“As part of this transition, MTN recognises the pivotal role of digital solutions in facilitating business agility enhancing operational efficiency and fostering economic resilience particularly for SMEs, which forms the backbone of the Nigeria economy,’’ he said.

According to Okonkwo, through collaboration with industry leading partners such as Zoom and SpeechLogix, MTN leverages its extensive network infrastructure, technological expertise and market insights to co-create transformative solutions.

He said that Meetings+ exemplified this collaborative effort by combining Zoom’s innovative video conferencing technology with SpeechLogix specialised capabilities to deliver a comprehensive communication platform.

The general manager said that Meetings+ was a comprehensive communication platform that transcended geographical barriers and empowered SMEs to connect, collaborate and thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Speaking on the collaboration, the Head, Sales, SpeechLogix, Haitham El-Hanafi, said that the collaboration with MTN Nigeria and Zoom to develop Meetings+ was a strategic decision driven by its shared commitment to addressing the evolving needs of businesses.

He said that SpeechLogix brought unique strengths to the partnership including expertise in innovative modules designed to enhance  communication  and collaboration.

The Ag. Senior Trade Commissioner, Deputy High Commission of Canada, Dindembolo-Zaya Kuyena, in his presentation, expressed excitement over the collaboration.

Dindembolo-Zaya said that it was important to note that Canada was actively collaborating with Nigeria on trade policy, including negotiation and agreements to enhance market access and investment flow.

“Without a doubt, Nigeria is one of Canada’s most important economic partners in Africa promoting trading investment from relationships between itself and Canada.

He said that Nigeria’s economic recovery was a priority for the Canadian Government.

‘’In 2002, Nigeria became Canada’s second largest trading partner in Africa with 2.2 billion in bilateral Merchants trade.

‘’Nigeria is also the largest African foreign investor in Canada with USD1.7 billion from 2021 data. Canadian direct investment in Nigeria is estimated at approximately just under $500m and I am pushing for that to increase over the coming years.

‘’Nigeria’s economic diversification policy aligns well with that of Canada, and it’s important to note that it was mentioned in terms of your SME landscape,’’ he said.

He said that the Nigerian SME landscape was over 60 per cent and it bolstered the local economy,  adding that this was very similar to the Canadian economic landscape, which was why this alignment and partnership was very important to Canada.

According to him, the Canadian Government has only touched the surface in terms of trade potential and partnership like the one between MTN and SpeechLogix.

“This will accelerate trade in many other sectors and especially in virgin sectors like technology, which is so important in connectivity not just in Nigeria and  across Africa but globally.

The Head, SME Segment, Enterprise Business, Omowunmi Olatunbosun, said that Meetings+ offered users the convenience of paying in Naira through  Momo or via the MyMTN NG app

Olatunbosun said that with Meetings+, one was not just attending meetings but powering productive workforces, connecting with teams and achieving  together. (NAN)

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