Lassa Fever: House Asks Kwara Govt To Extend Awareness

The Kwara State House of Assembly has called on the state government to extend its campaign against lassa fever  to the Local Government Councils, the traditional rulers, places of worship and markets to prevent spread of the disease in the state.

Resolution to this effect was taken while debating a Matter of General Public Importance raised by the House Leader, Hon. Hassan Oyeleke on the scourge of Lassa fever in Nigeria.

The Deputy Speaker, Elder Mathew Okedare, who presided over the sitting, while reading the resolution explained that the need for the state government to extend its advocacy became expedient  in view of the urgent need to halt the  spread of the deadly disease in the state.


Although the state Ministry of Health had on Monday announced that there was no record of lassa fever or its outbreak anywhere in the state, there were speculations that there were instances where hospitals including government owned were turning back patients who presented symptoms of the disease.


Such patients were said to have died of their ailments even after allegedly fully manifesting the disease which makes the situation more dreadful.


However, the House of Assembly enjoined the state government to always make drugs available to its citizens through adequately trained health personnel to curb the spread of lassa fever to the state.

It also called on the State Ministry of Environment to always ensure prompt evacuation of refuse from public dust bins breeding of rats, pointing out that keeping households  clean would go a long way  to keep lassa fever away from the state.

The House Leader had while raising the motion disclosed that the disease had been on rampage  and urged government to look inward in curbing its spread to the state.

Other members who contributed on the matter expressed displeasure that the deadly disease was not receiving deserved attention and therefore advocated for the need to put adequate measures in place to tackle the disease.