Kenyan Firm Seeks To Return COVID Vaccine To Russia

A private company that imported the Sputnik V vaccine to Kenya is seeking to re-export it back to Russia.

This comes a week after the health ministry banned the importation, distribution and administration of Covid-19 vaccines by private entities.

Dominic Kariuki, the deputy director of the country’s drug authority, says the firm has written to them seeking to re-export the vaccine.

“The company is now in the process of officially applying. The letter of intent has already been given to the pharmacy and poisons board,” Mr Kariuki told members of the Kenya senate’s health committee.

Chief Administrative Secretary of Health Rashid Aman said those who had received the first dose of the vaccine would still get their second dose after three weeks.

“This will only apply to the 527 people who were vaccinated with that vaccine at the time of the ban,” Mr Aman said.

The World Health Organization recommends that vaccines should not be mixed.