Kano to review sales, disposal, allocation of govt property

The Kano State Judicial Commission of Enquiry on the recovery of misappropriated public property and assets, says it plans to review the sales, disposal or allocation of government’s property by the previous administration in the state.
The Chairman of the Commission, Justice Farouk Adamu stated this in his inaugural speech on Monday in Kano.
He said that the commission would review the sales of praying grounds, historical and cultural sites and monuments, houses, workshops, graveyards, and other open lands or spaces within the metropolis belonging to the government.
‘’The commission will determine if any abuses were perpetrated in the process of such sales, disposal or allocations, and identify the officials or persons responsible for such abuses.
“It is also to determine the role of government ministries, departments and agencies or particular government officials involved in the process of such sales, disposal or allocations.
“The commission will make recommendations on the recovery of farmlands belonging to the public, government properties or institutional buildings found to be improperly sold, disposed or allocated to any individual and company among others,” he said.
He said that the commission was not established to witch-hunt or prosecute anybody.
“It is on a fact-finding mission and at the end of our findings we will submit a set of recommendations to the state government for possible implementation,” he said.
He assured that the commission would be just and fair to all parties involved.
“I would like to call on any person who has any useful information or input that will assist the commission in its assignment to send it in writing for verification.
“After which he or she may be asked to appear before the Commission to testify in person.
“The commission is here to serve and protect the interest of the public,” Adamu said.
The chairman appealed to the general public and the media in particular to give the commission maximum support and cooperation.
“Avoid the temptation to politicise the work of the commission, doing so will be detrimental to the success of the fact-finding mission of this commission,” he said.
Gov. Abba Yusuf had on April 4 inaugurated the commission to investigate suspected cases of misappropriation of public property and asserts in the state from 2015 to 2023.

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