Independence Day: Love Nigeria With Passion, You‘ll Prosper, Says Bishop Oyedepo

The Presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church, Winners Chapel International, Bishop David Oyedepo has urged Nigerians to demonstrate their love for the nation Nigeria by showing undying love without talking down the country.

In a two-hour long special prayer for the nation held to commemorate the 59th Independence Day held at the international headquarters of the church in Cannanland and which was broadcast live across the church network, Bishop Oyedepo charged worshippers and Nigerians at large to demonstrate undying passion and love for the nation for them to prosper as individual and groups.

Using the examples of Moses, David, Nehemiah and Gideon from the scriptures, Bishop Oyedepo said that these individuals prosper on the basis of their love for the people of God and their nation.

The charge came after intercessory prayers for God to intervene in the affairs of the nation and restore the glory of the people of this nation.

According to him God did not make a mistake by making Nigeria a single indivisible entity and no man has the capacity to put asunder the plans and purpose of God for the nation Nigeria.

According to him, ‘Don’t talk down Nigeria. You will surely prosper in a country you love’ adding that the scriptures cannot be broken.