Firm inaugurates green power solution to optimal energy

A technology manufacturer, Dyque on Wednesday inaugurated the Dyque Cube, a green power solution to optimise energy in Nigeria and Africa.

The founder of Dyque, Andy Yan, said at the inauguration of the Dyque Cube in Lagos that the technological innovation was to create electricity sustainability.

Yan said that the cube would create a brighter future for Nigerians leveraging on green power energy.

The green power is a type of renewable energy that generates electricity from natural resources.

Green power is also known as “clean energy” because it does not pollute the air or water.

Yan said that the Dyque Cube would make a difference in green power solutions because it prioritised user experience and environmental sustainability.

“Dyque is pushing the boundaries of technology with its products and solutions.

“We are combining technology with service and in-depth consumer insights.

“Our organisation is committed to a greener and more sustainable future.

‘’The Dyque Cube aims at redefining the way you experience energy – combining functionality with impressive designs and customisable features.

“Our Dyque Energy App is powered by AI, and will empower you to take control of your energy consumption and maximise savings,’’ the founder said.

At the unveiling  of the Dyque Cube, Solution Manager, Amos Okeke, said that the rise in fuel price had increased the number of people using solar energy.

Okeke said that Dyque was committed to tech-driven solutions as showcased by its policy on quality and manufacturing.

He said that the processes to manufacture of the Dyque Cube adhered to the ISO 9001 standards, adding that its R&D team focused on setting clear goals, identifying risks, and integrating quality activities throughout the product lifecycle.

He said that Dyque provided one-on-one customer support by a solution team who analyse and ascertain individual energy needs before, during and after service delivery.

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