Fayose Congratulates President Weah, Rejects Obasanjo As UN Mediator

Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State has congratulated the newly

elected President of Liberia, George Opong Weah, describing him as

someone destined by God to be president.


He said: “I salute George Weah’s courage and resilience in spite of the

activities and machinations of oppressors and interlopers who blocked

his victory 12 years ago. Because the likes of former President

Olusegun Obasanjo are not God, George Weah has been able to achieve

his destiny through the grace and power of God and I wish him a

successful tenure.”


The governor, who also described the United Nation’s (UN) choice of

Obasanjo as a mediator in Liberia as misplaced, pointed out that

“Someone like Obasanjo, who was at the centre of the manipulation of

George Weah’s electoral victory 12 years ago should not be the one to

mediate now that he (Weah) has secured the victory that he was denied



Governor Fayose urged the All Progressives

Congress (APC) led federal government and particularly the Independent

National Electoral Commission (INEC) to learn from what happened in

Liberia and allow the will of the people to prevail in 2018 and 2019



He said: “the emergence of George Weah as Liberia President 12 years

after he was short-changed by those who wielded power at that time is

a further confirmation that that there is no God in man.”


Governor Fayose called on the UN Secretary-General, António Guterres

to withdraw the nomination of Obassanjo as a mediator in Liberia,

noting that; “Obasanjo, who was a major actor in the Liberia’s 2005

election crisis lacked moral rights to be a mediator in the affairs of

that country now that it had the first peaceful transfer of power from

one democratically-elected leader to another in more than 70 years. He

will rather compound the problems in Liberia because I don’t see him

being trusted by the President-Elect, whom he (Obasanjo) openly worked

against in 2005 to impose the outgoing President, Ellen Johnson

Sirleaf for reasons best known to him.


“The UN should be mindful of the fact that someone like Obasanjo that

may be seen as celebrity and champion of democracy internationally is

actually a bad and decayed element, lacking democratic credential here

in Nigeria, considering his failed third term agenda.”


The governor told leaders of Africa, especially the democrats among

them to always avoid leaders like Obasanjo with questionable

antecedents, saying “he is the actual confusion in the continent.”