Experts urge advocacy against agrochemicals misuse

Some agriculture experts have called for increased advocacy against misuse of agrochemicals by farmers.

The experts made the call in separate interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday in Lagos.

Dr Ismail Olawale, a fellow at the National Agriculture Extension Research Liaison Services (NAERLS), urged local farmers to patronise only duly registered agro-dealers.

According to him, the advocacy must begin by identifying fake and adulterated agrochemicals from the original ones.

“In the advocacy against fake and adulterated agrochemicals and inputs, farmers need to be encouraged to patronise designated official distributors of the inputs.

“Farmers should stop going to the open market to buy agrochemicals and other agro-inputs. They should not buy from unregistered distributors of agrochemicals who do not have addresses.

“One common mistake farmers make is the purchase of expired agrochemicals. Expired herbicides, fertilisers and general agro-inputs are even more dangerous than the adulterated ones.

“These expired agrochemicals can destroy any farmland. The adulterated ones will only not work,” Olawale said.

According to the expert, farmers should purchase agrochemicals as cooperatives and not individually because when they buy together, they are likely not to buy the adulterated ones.

“The agrochemicals companies and dealers should also engage in consistent advertisement from time to time to educate the farmers.

“They should also collaborate with the extension service providers to educate the farmers in identifying fake, adulterated and expired agrochemicals.

“They should organise seminars, workshops, and community meetings around agrochemicals in collaboration with extension services to sensitise the farmers,” the expert said.

On his part, Mr Isiaka Ayoola, the National Secretary of the Nigeria Agro-Input Dealers Association (NAIDA), urged the farmers to relate with only trained agro-dealers.

“We advise all farmers to buy their agrochemicals from trained and registered dealers.

“We have a lot of trained and untrained agro-dealers across the country. Some do not know the rules, regulations and international best practices in marketing agrochemicals.

“The trained agro-dealers will explain in details to the farmers the specification of each agro-inputs, they can also explain to the illiterate farmers the content of each agrochemicals they purchase,” Ayoola said.

In addition, he noted that, “Agro-dealers can play extension service roles by educating the farmers on agrochemicals usage.

“We also organise workshops and seminars for the farmers via their associations.

“From time to time we go to the farmers’ associations and educate them on the right use of agrochemicals.

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