Ex-Employee Sets Ablaze 22 Hectares Farmland In Kwara

About  22 hectares of farmland belonging to Lehin Investment

Farms at Idofian/Igbehin Ifelodun Local Government Area of Kwara

State, have been set ablaze by a suspected herdsman.

The suspect identified Hammed Gaa-Alakuko whose camp was in the neighbourhood was alleged to have carried out the dastardly act

Farm Consultant, Lehin Investment Farms, Mr. Daramola Josiah who

conducted newsmen round the burnt farm said the company lost

about N20m to the disaster.

He also said it had inhibited the efforts of the company to increase food production in Kwara State and Nigeria.

He accused Hammed, who was a former employee of the company of

Igniting the fire because of his conduct prior to the inferno.


He also said Hammed had been on the run after allegedly setting

fire on the farm.


Josiah said: “More than 20 hectares of cassava  land were completely

burnt. The rice farm was also affected. We have not harvested our

rice. About 2 hectares of rice were burnt. 22 hectares of farm were

burnt. The total hectares of the farm is about 50.


“In terms of loss, we lost about N20m, the cassava that was burnt can

not resuscitate itself again. The rice farm that is due for harvesting, nothing can be done to it again. It cannot be recovered again.


We lost some economic trees like cashew trees, the impact and effects of  fire in the soil has destroyed nutrients. I am a professional valuer, but as  an investor, looking at what I have put in and what I am expected to have during harvest we lost over N20m. I wanted to harvest the cassava by July this year.


“There is one Fulani man called Hameed who lives within this area, we

suspect he is the one. We have invited the police and police keep on

going to his house since Monday, he has been on the run. This fire did

not come from any of the surrounding bush. They ignited the fire.


“The Fulani is a herdsman. He caused the problem. We once employed him as our security man to control other Fulani within the environment. We discovered that he was not honest enough; we had to lay him off.


That is our believe that made him to burn the far. We were in his

house sometime last week he was threatening that he will cause problem in the farm. We were in his family and we warned him that he should not cause problem in the farm. Since Monday, he has been at



He started working with us in March last year. I disengaged him

November ending last year.”