Culture Day: Royal Crest College celebrates Nigerian culture in colours

It was celebration of Nigeria diverse culture at the Culture Day organized by Royal Crest College, Lagos.
Tagged “Exploring Our Boundaries Through Culture” the culture of Yoruba from South West, Calabar from Southeast; Igbo from the East; Hausa from the North and Tiv from the Central-eastern part of the countrty was displayed at the event held at the school.
Speaking at the event, the Director of the College, Pastor Kehinde Ojo said the aim was to teach the students unity despite the different culture in the country.
He added that it was necessary for each citizen of the country to forget about ethnic egoism and leave what divides Nigerians and made use of what bound everyone together in other for the nation to be indivisible.
“Our Culture are beautiful and I can see beautiful days ahead for our country,” he stated.
He urged Nigerians to look at the next door state for businesses, tourism, relaxation instead of longing to get Visa and ready to move out of the country. “It is important we explore what is around us and make use of it to make the country great.
He commended the students for their performance and urged them to learn from different cultures displayed at the event.
He appreciated parents for their support adding that the school will continue to teach the students all round education including extra-curricular activities like the one the college is having.
Also speaking at the event, the Proprietor of the College, Mrs. Faith Ojo thanked parents for their support.
She disclosed that that the school is known for excellence not only in academics but also in extracurricular activities. “That why you can see the students putting all their best to show the diverse culture of the country.
She added that the college will always strive to give total education which will lead to greatness for the students in the school.
The Head Prefect, Eniola Ojo in her remarks said the presence of distinguish men and women at the occasion is an indication of the relevance of Nigerian culture.
She said it is to show the importance of culture in the daily grooming of the leaders of tomorrow “which is this generation.”

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