Coronavirus: China Confirms 108 Fresh Cases In One Day

The numbers are relatively small but the trend is upwards, and that is not good for China.

The 108 new confirmed cases is the highest number of daily infections in more than five weeks in the officially reported government numbers.

The main reason, according to the statistics, is a continued stream of Chinese nationals returning home. They account for almost all the confirmed cases. Almost half are concentrated in the northern province of Heilongjiang, where some Chinese crossing from Russia have brought it with them.

Despite severe restrictions on international travel coming into China, the reality is the government hasn’t been able to completely stop new cases of the virus emerging.

In the province of Hubei, where it all began, the numbers are very small but people are still dying. Two new deaths there have been reported.

That’s despite the fact it was deemed safe enough to open up to the rest of China and the world. BBC