Cleric Unveils Book To Address Challenge Of Leadership

A cleric, Pastor Martins Marc of the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) on Sunday unveiled a book: “Leadership as a Lifestyle” to address leadership challenge in the country.

The cleric said at the unveiling of the book in Kaduna, that leadership as a lifestyle was crucial to the success of any development agenda.

Marc, an educator, writer, and leadership mentor disclosed that the book x-rays the basic principles that guarantee competence, efficiency and efficacy in both personal and corporate leadership.

The book, according to him, would expose people to the leadership principles that would enable them lead with monumental impact, while stressing the need for everyone to make leadership a lifestyle.

He said leadership determines how resources were managed, adding that human, natural resources, agriculture, land, weather, and climate were all managed or mismanaged by those in position of leadership.

According to him, ineffective leadership is largely responsible for the current confusion, chaos, wars, disagreement, crisis, stagnation that characterised human society in Nigeria and Africa.

“Leadership is everything because it defines almost everything in life and remained a determining factor for both personal growth and societal development.

“Therefore, your effectiveness in life begins the moment you start making leadership your lifestyle.

“Leadership is not about titles, positions and offices, it is about realising one’s purpose and living it. It is about making positive influence and impact in society and solving life’s problems.

“It is about building people and their societies and proper management and utilisation of resources for the purpose of individual growth and collective development.

“Bible is the primary source for discovering the principles I share in this book.

“However, the applications of these principles are for every human being and society, regardless of one’s religious view,” he added.

The cleric, whose first book entitled, “Evangelism: Advancing God’s Kingdom” published in 2012, said that he was inspired to write the book to address the leadership challenge that had continued to bedeviled the country.

“It is my hope that people will learn to serve rather than be served,” he said.

The book reviewer, Prof. Ayuba Kwasau of the Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna, said that the 15-chapter book touched every aspect of what was required to make a leader.

Kwasau said that the book particularly pointed out that everyone was a leader in one way or the other, adding, however, that people must learn to follow to be able to lead.

He said that leadership should be participatory, stressing that no leader should place himself above his followers or his interest above collective interest.

The don described the book as a “must read”, and promised to make it a compulsory reading material for his students.