Cambodia arrests 6 drug traffickers, seized188kg of narcotics

Cambodia’s anti-drug police have arrested a gang of six local people for allegedly trafficking and possessing illicit drugs, seizing more than 188 kg of narcotics.

The Anti-Drug Department (ADP) said in a statement released on Monday.

The suspects, two men and four women, aged between 23 and 60, were apprehended on April 24 during raids on five locations in the capital Phnom Penh.

This took place after a thorough probe for more than three months.

“A total of 188.1 kg of crystal methamphetamine, ketamine and heroin was seized from the suspects’ possession during the crackdowns,’’ the ADP said.

More than 300,000 dollars in cash and millions of dollars in their bank accounts, as well as their properties and cars, were also confiscated during the raids, the ADP added.

The Southeast Asian country has no death sentence for a drug trafficker.

Under its law, someone found guilty of trafficking more than 80 grammes of illicit drugs could be jailed for life.

According to the ADP, Cambodia nabbed 5,489 drug-related suspects, including more than 100 foreigners, during the January-March period this year, confiscating a total of 3.65 tonnes of narcotics.

Most of the seized drugs were ketamine, crystal methamphetamine, methamphetamine tablets, heroin, ecstasy and cocaine. 

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