APC Prepares Members For LG Poll In Osun

The All Progressives Congress, Osun State has alerted its members and supporters to be prepared to stand up to political losers within and outside the party, who are in a frenzy to stop the unstoppable, especially as countdown to the local government poll begins.
The party was reacting to a development by the PDP to stop the council election scheduled for January 27, next year.
In a statement signed by the Director of Publicity, Research and Strategy, Kunle Oyatomi, the APC gave assurances that the party remains ‘firmly in control of the situation and (that) nothing will derail the calculated and irrevocable drive towards conducting a successful local government poll, and also winning the governorship election scheduled for September 2018′.
The APC in addition encouraged its members and supporters that nobody should feel any sense of loss over defectors from the party’, describing them as ‘losers with ‘sore grapes’ mentality’.
Addressing the issue of the court case which attempts to derail the local government engineering in the state and stopping its funding, the APC said the PDP will fail in Osun as PDP and former President Olusegun Obasanjo failed in Lagos, while the LG reform in the state will move on.
‘The idea of the PDP that council election will not be held is vain, and the attempt to legally stop the disbursement of local government money by the Federal Government is a pathetic exercise in futility’, the APC said.
The party further argued that ‘it is a constitutional issue that is least likely to succeed’.
The APC further stressed that ‘the Nigerian judiciary is solid and remains the people’s hope for justice, so the days of ‘jankara’ injunctions to sidestep the law have gone. Due process has been established in our country’s judicial system and that’s the course the state’s Attorney General, Dr. Ajibola Bashiru has taken.
‘Osun should rest assured that the only reason the PDP is in court,  albeit through surrogates,  is because it knows that it will be beaten silly in the next local government election.
‘If it had the slightest chance in the world that it could win’, the APC said, ‘the PDP will not be wasting its time and resources in the court. It would rather be strong on the campaign trail’, the APC concluded.