ALGON tasks Nigerians on corporate coexistence

The Association of Local Governments of Nigeria (ALGON) has called on all Nigerians to be united and create a harmonious atmosphere for a corporate existence in the country.

The National President, Hon. Kolade Alabi, while speaking in Abuja on Saturday to mark this year’s Easter celebration urged Nigerians to reciprocate the virtues of Easter amongst families, communities, local government areas and the states, irrespective of their differences, culture, creed, religion or denomination here on earth.

The ALGON president said he was gladdened by the unique evidence and uncommon coincidence of this year’s Easter celebration and Ramadan observance.

He said the coincidence had a deep significance in its message embedded in universal oneness contextualised in the realm of God’s filial bond tying both Christians and Muslims as brothers and sisters.

Alabi said in the light of this Nigerians should be reminded that they are inseparable before God, no matter the leanings.

“Beyond this obvious fact, I am quick to add that these symbolic spiritual developments signify universal essence of love amongst all.

“It signifies the imperative of prayers, fasting for peace, justice and development as exemplified by Christ here on earth during His short sojourn, His apostolate, His trials, temptations, death and resurrection.

“All these have become the cornerstone and path way to our salvation with a clarion call for emulation.

“It therefore behooves on all of us to unite among ourselves to create a harmonious atmosphere for our corporate existence.”

Alabi said in spite of the current circumstances, it is only necessary that Nigerians take it to the risen Christ in prayers.

He added that there is nothing God cannot do especially now that times are hard.

“Let us continue to embrace the teachings and virtues contained in the Holy Bible and the Holy Quran with hope for a better future,” he added.

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