Airline apologises for turbulence, flight diversion, condoles with passenger’s family

Officials of Singapore Airlines have offered apologies to passenger’s on their flight from London to Singapore which encountered severe turbulence midair thus diverting the flight to land in Bangkok.

Pictures from inside the plane that was hit by severe turbulence have been shared on social media as one person is declared dead on the Singapore Airlines flight from London.

The Singapore-bound Boeing 777-300ER was diverted to Bangkok and landed at 3.45pm local time. The flight was carrying a total of 211 passengers and 18 crew, the airline confirmed in a statement.

“Singapore Airlines offers its deepest condolences to the family of the deceased”, it said. The airline is working with Thai authorities to provide medical assistance to those injured, with ambulances and emergency teams dispatched to Suvarnbhumi Airport.

One pictured shared on X that claims to be from onboard the flight shows food sprawled across the floor. What happened onboard the flight is still unclear.

Speaking to the BBC, an aviation expert John Strickland said injuries from turbulence are “relatively rare”. But added: “Severe turbulence can be dramatic and lead to severe injuries or sadly in this case a fatality.”

The Boeing 777-300ER departed Heathrow on Monday at 10.38pm. About one hour and 30 minutes from SIN Airport, the crew declared an emergency.

In Bangkok, pictures and video from local media show more than 10 ambulances at the scene, with emergency crews and airport staff stationed nearby.

Mr Strickland added that crews are trained to deal with turbulence, adding “it is not for nothing that airlines recommend keeping seat belts loosely fastened throughout a flight be it long or short”.

And while turbulence can be predicted, some parts of the world are more prone to it.

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