Aid Workers: Buhari Condemns Killing, Commiserates With Their Loved Ones

….Says Sooner Than Later, Good Overcomes Evil

President Muhammadu Buhari condemns the alleged execution of four aid workers by terrorists in North-eastern Nigeria, saying the defeat of evil by good is inevitable, no matter the pyrrhic victory evildoers seem to win.
The President feels saddened by the claimed development, and commiserates with the family and loved ones of the aid workers, who had offered themselves to serve humanity at grave risks.
The aid workers had been abducted near Damasak, Borno State, in July, and had been held despite all efforts to secure their release, till their alleged execution.
“Evil will always be defeated by good at the end of the day. Whatever seeming victory evil records, eventually rebounds on the evildoer. We are resolved to beat evil in this land, and we remain unrelenting till we achieve it,” President Buhari says.
He urged all insurgents once again to lay down their arms, and rejoin decent humanity.