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Musicians Charged To Focus More On Lyrics Promoting Nigeria’s Unity

Nigeria needs more music that preaches love, unity and peaceful co-existence in the face of rising insecurity and ethic clashes, an artiste has said.

The gospel artiste, Princess Ifeoma Nwosuchukwu, said on Sunday in Lagos that gospel music and other religious music, had done much to unite Nigerians through lyrics that preached peace and love for fellow citizens.

“If more artistes can join in doing this Lord’s work, the world will be a better place,” she said.

She disclosed further that she was planning to release an album entitled “Zion Praise” in May to further preach peace, love and unity.

Nwosuchukwu, also a dancer, said that although more attention was being given to secular music, gospel music had stronger uniting lyrics.

“Gospel music has been making great impact in uniting Nigeria because gospel songs are all about preaching peace, love of God and man, and oneness. It promotes unity.

“Secular ones thrive because of their trending beats, but gospel music goes beyond preaching about the greatness of God, it teaches us how to live with one another in peace,” she said.

She appealed to Nigerians to be careful of their utterances and actions to avoid heating up the polity, noting that no meaningful development would be achieved in an atmosphere of disunity.

She advised young artistes to explore gospel music to contribute to peace and unity of the country.

“My advice is that they should see it as a service to God’s kingdom.

“They should know that ones’ gift is his or her ministry and must be done with all sincerity, for our Father in heaven who sent them will know how to reward them,” she said.

The dancer, whose stage name is “Ultimate Jesus”, urged gospel artistes not to relent.

“As an evangelist, it is my primary duty to evangelise for Christ; I do it through songs without focusing on material benefits.”

She called for more support from governments and music promoters to encourage gospel musicians.

“Gospel artistes are not given enough support; that is why the majority of musicians go for secular songs.

“Even during award events, gospel artistes are hardly remembered,” Nwosuchukwu,
who has produced a 10-track album, said.


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