1 Dies As Plane Engine Failed, Forcing Emergency Landing


One person has died after Southwest plane engine failed in midair, forcing an emergency landing at the Philadelphia International Airport this morning, said the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

The plane was en route from New York City’s LaGuardia International Airport to Dallas Love Field when passenger Matt Tranchin said he saw a “huge explosion and glass shattering three rows ahead of me.”

“Flight attendants rushed up. There was momentary chaos. Everyone kind of descended on where this hole was. As passengers, we weren’t sure if they were trying to cover up the hole, but the plane smelled like smoke. There was ash coming through the ventilation system. We started dropping,” said Tranchin 


“Some of the crew couldn’t hold back their horror. And some were crying as they looked out through the open window onto the engine.”

The plane landed safely in Philadelphia as passengers posted photos from inside Flight 1380 showing their midair oxygen masks, a blown-out window and the remains of an engine.