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Muslims charged to avoid redundancy, be more committed

Nasrul-Lahi-L-Fatih Society of Nigeria (NASFAT), Kaduna Branch, has called on all Muslims to avoid redundancy and be more committed, saying that most of the crimes in the society are as a result of redundancy.

Speaking shortly after his paper presentation at the annual Ramadan Lecture, organized by Nasfat, on Sunday, Prof. Muhammad Mujahid of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, admonished people do nothing and believe that God will do it for them without making personal efforts.

This, therefore, justifies the need for such persons to wake up and start doing something before God can assist them.

“Without making an effort, God cannot assist anyone,” Mujahid said, adding “If Muslim will understand this concept, the society will change for good.

On the topic, “Tawakkul, trusting in God’s plan”, Mujahid said Muslims must have a connection with their creator while the connectivity must be in line with the Islamic law.

According to him, Tawakkul goes in every direction of life while redundancy never works with Tawakkul.

“Tawakkul checkmates redundancy in Muslims. By their misconceptions you need to make an effort before you get assistance from God,” he warned.

He said relationship between man and his creator has to do with the heart, to what extent is the Muslim sincere to his submission to Allah.

According to him, the concept of Tawakkul is a process of action which is accompanied with self-desire and calmness of mind while having tranquility and assertive belief in Allah.

He said Muslims must understand that anything Allah resolved is certain, and what He denies is unattainable.

On his part, the Chief Imam, NASFAT, Alhaji Maroof Raji, called all Muslim Ummah to pray for the country, saying Muslims should use the Ramadan period to rededicate themselves to Islam, give more to charity and engage in supplications seeking Allah’s forgiveness.

The Chairman, Kaduna branch of the society, Alhaji Abdulganiu Ajawo, also urged Muslims to strive to help the less-privileged in the society, especially in the holy month of Ramadan.

The Chairman, represented by Alhaji Abdulhakeem Adeneji, Vice Chairman, Nasfat Kaduna branch, appealed to all Muslims to spend from what Allah has given to them to help one another as part of the characteristics of a believer.

He further advise members to always be security conscious due to the present security challenges in the country, and be more prayerful for the all Mighty to bring an end to the security challenges bedeviling the country.

In a separate interview, Hajiya Kudirat Akande, Women Affair Secretary, Nasfat Kaduna branch, also called on women to be God fearing, especially in this trying time.

According to Akande, “As men are finding it difficult to take care of their families due to the harsh economic situation, “Women should be the backbone of the family setting by rendering support to their husbands while giving their children good upbringing to intergrate well into the society.”

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