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4 Killed In Dubai Plane Crash, Airport Closed

Three Britons and a South African have been killed after a small plane crashed near Dubai International Airport.

The four-seat plane came down at about 19:30 local time, killing the pilot, co-pilot and two passengers.

The flight was owned by United Kingdom-based Flight Calibration Services. It flies staff around the world to inspect and calibrate navigation aids, which include radars and landing systems for airports and airfields.

Flights were delayed and diverted as the airport – one of the world’s busiest was closed for 45 minutes.

The United States engineering and aerospace company Honeywell said it had hired Flight Calibration Services and the DA42 plane for work in Dubai.

“We are deeply saddened by today’s plane crash in Dubai, and our heartfelt condolences are with the victims’ families,” it said in a statement.

Civil aviation officials in Dubai said an investigation was under way into the cause of the crash. BBC

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