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Ramadan: Scholars To Women, Be Modest In Behaviour, Conduct

Some Muslim women scholars have called on women, especially Muslim women to be modest in their behaviour, be responsible in every aspect of life and also be of good conduct during Ramadan and afterwards.

They made this remarks during the first Ramadan lecture, organized by ‘Muslimah Connect’, a Non-Governmental Organization, founded in 2018 by Hajia Zyna’ib Shittu, in order to uplift the status of Muslim women in the society.

A lecturer at the Department Mass Communication, University of Ilorin, Dr Saudat Abdulbaqi, said that before someone can embark on a change, it is necessary that one understand where he or she is coming from, review the past, compare with the present and have a forecast for the future

”It is very necessary for women to audit themselves, this self-auditing is necessary because in order to advance, you need to know what you are doing right, for you to maintain it and what you are doing wrong, in order to improve and also how to review the objectives of life

“It is very important for Muslim women that we identified with three cardinal principles of life; the first is to remember that we came from Almighty Allah and He will hold us responsible for all our deeds, so we should not deceive ourselves.

”The second is that we are in this world to worship Almighty Allah, apart from the five pillars of Islam, whatever good thing we do is an act of worship, like our relationship with our family, friends, neighbour, colleagues, and anybody we come across, as whatever we do, we will account for it

“And third, we shall all return to Almighty Allah, so we should be mindful of our behaviour, instead of gossiping about others, fighting and planning evils, we should spend our time in doing good things, worshipping and asking for his mercy.

“So I say, we come from Almighty Allah, we are in this world because of Him and we are going back to him at the end.

“I encourage everyone to review the past in order to project for the future, especially in this Ramadan, we should forgive one another, live in peace and be responsible in every role we play in this world as we will account for everything in the hereafter,” she added.

Another guest speaker, Hajia Bilqees Oladimeji used the occasion to call on all Muslim women around the world to help each other during Ramadan and afterwards and give to people in need to make fasting easy for them.

“Be kind and generous if Allah has blessed you, do not hide His Rahman, and then remember your responsibilities as a woman, a sister, a wife, a mother and most importantly a Muslim.

“To our men, be supportive to your wives, sisters, and in-laws, treat women with respect, love, kindness and give them what belongs to them

“A woman cannot build a happy home alone, it is a collective effort, play your part, including the financial aspects and say no to wife battery and every gender based violence and most of it all, fear Allah, who sees all that you do.

She also urged the government to come up with policies that are women friendly, policies that will support a fair representation of women in governance and promote girl child education, and empowerment programs.

“And there is need to strengthen the Women Affairs Ministry to be proactive and meet the yearnings of women and children,” she said.

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