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Indonesia’s Volcano Tsunami Sweeps Away Band At Beach Live Performance

…….Band members Among 62 confirmed Dead

A tsunami triggered by an underwater landslide from volcanic eruptions has hit beaches in Indonesia, killing at least 62 people and injuring 600 more.

People ran in fear as five-metre waves flooded streets and swept away homes and vehicles on Saturday night.

A dramatic video posted on social media showed the Jakarata pop band Seventeen performing at a tent at a beach in Tanjung Lesung when a wave collapses the stage from behind. People can be heard screaming and seen running.

The band released a statement saying their bass player and road manager were found dead, while four other members of their group remained missing.

The group’s lead vocalist, Riefian “Ifan” Fajarsyah, has been the only survivor found so far.

He posted a video to Instagram looking shell shocked and asking for prayers.

He told an Indonesian TV station he was dragged into the sea and there were 20 to 24 bodies around him.

The band was performing at an end-of-year event for the state utility company PLN, company spokesman I Made Suprateka told Reuters.

At least seven people were killed and many suffered broken bones, he said.

Comedian Ade Dora, who was presenting at the event, posted a picture of a body on a stretcher, covered with a sheet.

“Goodbye my wife, good mother and wife,” he wrote.

Undersea landslides triggered by an eruption of the Mount Anak Krakatau volcano caused the tsunami, the country’s climatology agency BMKG said.

The volcano erupted just after 9pm and the tsunami struck 24 minutes later.

Gegar Prasetya, co-founder of the Tsunami Research Center Indonesia, said the waves were likely caused by a flank collapse – when a big section of a volcano’s slope gives way. He said it’s possible for an eruption to trigger a landslide above ground or beneath the ocean, both capable of producing a tsunami.

“Actually, the tsunami was not really big, only one meter,” said Prasetya, who has closely studied Krakatau. “The problem is people always tend to build everything close to the shoreline.”

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